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You can view my paintings by clicking on the link in the left column. My prints are for sale at a very reasonable price. The renowned Artist, Maria Vergori Raffaele's paintings are for sale through her agent.

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I have written six books of poetry and in four of them, I decided to add a journal for a place to pen your thoughts. I felt that it may inspire the reader to write, adding to my work their own voice. I encourage all to write. It liberates the soul. My books and E-books are available LULU.com at Amazon, the nook at Barnes and Noble and many other online book stores.

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"Billy From Blackwell Lane"

A boy, his neglectful mother and a small town cop are the main characters in this touching novel by Beverly J Raffaele.

There are twist and turns, sorrow, happiness and redemption. Billy's life will take a dramatic turn as will Jacks, the cop that is well aware of the troubled past of Billy's mother Ruby.

This book is available as an E-book on "The Nook", and many other online bookstores.

Click the book to preview it on for Amazon.com